I want a tablet for entertainment (web-surfing, media consumption, light gaming) not productivity, so for me the 7" size is perfect: small enough to slide into a back or inside jacket pocket and a meaningful size advantage over my Atrix 4G's 4" screen. I settled on the just-released Hyundai A7HD because it had the… » 4/11/12 11:47am 4/11/12 11:47am

@misanthropytoday: I find it comforting to know that Obama came to his conclusions through logic, reason, and the best available information, not because he believes his decisions are directed by god. Am I disappointed I disagree with him occasionally? Sure, but at least my positions had a fighting chance in the… » 6/16/10 10:48am 6/16/10 10:48am

Haven't yet tried it myself but why all the hate for the pancake & sausage on a stick? It's just a breakfast corn dog & certainly no worse than a McGriddle. If you're eating 3 meals a day and you're only getting 20% of your daily fat from breakfast, your lunch and dinner will each need to be twice as fatty to get to… » 6/14/10 1:58am 6/14/10 1:58am

@saralovesyou: But according to the AZ law, show an AZ driver's license or ID card, or any other state's ID as long (as you were required to provide proof of legal presence to get it) and you're not considered to be an illegal alien. You don't have to be a citizen, I was a legal alien for years & had a card to prove… » 4/29/10 10:37am 4/29/10 10:37am